Meet Brittany Seydel: Customer Service Lead

In the bustling world of customer service, where the pulse of a company's relationship with its clients beats the strongest, Brittany Seydel stands out as a beacon of dedication and insight at Crossbar. Brittany's not just the go-to for solving problems; she's a key player in making sure everyone who interacts with Crossbar feels right at home. We sat down with her recently to learn a little more about her back story and what she loves about Crossbar.

Crossbar: What's your favorite sports team?

Brittany Seydel: Colorado Avalanche

CB: Did you play any sports growing up?

BS: Yes, I did! I played soccer, volleyball, and basketball!

CB: If you could travel to any part of the world right now, what would it be?

BS: Spain and Portugal

CB: What's your favorite part about being on the Crossbar team?

BS: Being apart of Crossbar in it’s early stages has given me the chance to watch the company grow and the platform evolve. I love being apart of an innovative team who works together to make an awesome product for our customers!

CB: What's your favorite Crossbar feature currently?

BS: My favorite feature is how mobile-friendly our platform and app are for both parents and club staff who are on-the-go.

CB: Last question - what's your favorite thing about Crossbar customers?

BS: I love the eagerness and excitement I get to see through the onboarding process that each customer brings!

Brittany is much more than the heartbeat of our customer service at Crossbar. She embodies the spirit of teamwork, a zest for life, and a commitment to making things better for everyone we interact with. Her journey with Crossbar, marked by growth, innovation, and genuine connections, mirrors our mission to not just serve but to connect and enrich our community. We're thankful to have Brittany on our one-of-a-kind team!