Meet Mary Kate Watkins: Leading Crossbar's Customer Success Team

In the world of youth sports software, a strong Customer Success team can make all the difference. Recently, our team sat down with our Director of Customer Success, Mary Kate Watkins, to learn more about her personal interests, her role at Crossbar, and her deep appreciation for our customers. Mary Kate is not only a dedicated leader but also a passionate advocate for youth sports. Join us as we get to know her better and discover what drives her in her role at Crossbar.

A headshot of Mary Kate Watkins, Director of Customer Success, wearing a Crossbar shirt

Crossbar: What's your favorite sports team?

Mary Kate: Tottenham Hotspur & Washington Capitals

CB: Did you play any sports growing up?

MK: I did! I played soccer and basketball.

CB: If you had to choose one, would you go with a beach or mountain vacation?

MK: I'd go to the great state of Maine where you don't have to choose between mountains & ocean!

CB: What got you into customer service?

MK: Customer service essentially combines strategic problem-solving with relationship-building and those are two of my favorite things to do!

CB: What’s your favorite part about leading the Crossbar Customer Success team?

MK: Our team cares so much about our customers! I love learning with them and hearing the solutions they come up with every day to solve new challenges. They're a smart, caring, amazing group of people who I'm lucky to work with!

CB: What's your favorite Crossbar feature currently?

MK: Tough question! But anyone who has talked to me about it knows it's our Tournament functionality.

CB: Last question - What's your favorite thing about Crossbar customers?

MK: Our customers are amazing. Not only are they so fun to work with, but it's inspiring to see the dedication of our admins who spend their (often volunteered) time ensuring the quality of their websites, programs, and teams. It makes me excited about the future of youth sports!

Mary Kate Watkins is not just a leader at Crossbar but also a sports enthusiast and a dedicated advocate for youth sports. Her commitment to excellence, her love for her favorite sports teams, and her admiration for Crossbar's customers make her a valuable asset to our team. Her passion and dedication drive her to lead the Customer Success team with enthusiasm, ensuring that Crossbar continues to deliver exceptional service to our customers and the world of youth sports. We love having you on our team, Mary Kate!